What my clients and colleagues are saying about me...

Ignas is an experienced developer with extensive knowledge in his field. Ignas is a great team player, nevertheless he is able to deliver high quality products on his own. Ignas strives to keep up with latest technologies and software development trends. He also loves to try it hands-on and share his findings with colleagues. Overall, a great person to work with.

Dainius Lukša

Ignas is a wonderful colleague to work with. Always striving for good results and quality code, he shows a good example of must have traits for an expert. The time we have worked together, both in the same space and remotely, he was very productive. I believe, he can be a valuable asset to any software development team.

Mantas Šarnas

Ignas is an experienced professional dedicated to his work; and has inner motivation to write quality code. His eagerness to test and try new techniques and tools made him the person, you would trust to solve complex or unusual problems.

Povilas Panavas

Ignas is dedicated to providing quality work. He always stays up-to-date on the latest techniques in software development and constantly improves his technical expertise. His insights and knowledge makes work more efficient for his colleges as well.

Audrius Masiulionis